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The Secret to the Spray: Ortho Dial n’ Spray


Are you ready to simplify your fertilizing step in your lawn care? We take pride in our fertilizer formula, but if you want to take your lawn to the next level, you need a powerful sprayer to back up our powerful nutrients. Here’s the secret: use the Ortho Dial n’ Spray.

Super Sprayer

The Ortho Dial n’ Spray has a 32-ounce container for your Simple Lawn Solutions fertilizer. Simply unscrew the cap, and fill with your desired fertilizer or Lawn Booster. We know what you’re thinking, I have to fill up another container?, but we promise it’s worth it. As a dedicated homeowner, you adapt to your lawn’s needs. With the Ortho Dial n’ Spray, you can change the concentration for different areas of your lawn. If you are covering 1,000 square feet of your lawn, you want to fill your Ortho Dial n’ Spray with 10 ounces before you connect your hose. If you are fertilizing your garden, you may only be covering 200 square feet, so you only need two ounces. The marked container on Ortho Dial n’ Spray allows you to easily measure out Simple Lawn Solutions products for your lawn, regardless of size. The spray, no matter how long your hose, comes out at 45 pounds per square inch of pressure, and two gallons a minute!


Turn Down the Dial

When setting the dial, remember how quickly the sprayer works. With Simple Lawn Solutions, three ounces of product combines well with one gallon of water, so if you set your dial to three ounces, you will have to cover a lot of ground in 30 seconds! If you don’t want to run around your yard, then lower the dial. If your dial is set too high, and you don’t move quickly enough to cover your lawn, you will end up with spots of lawn that are oversaturated with fertilizer. Our fertilizer ingredients are all-natural and safe, but parts of your lawn will look better than others. If you want an even, growing lawn, we recommend setting your dial to three ounces or less, and adapt as needed!

Tips & Tricks of Ortho Sprayers

There are a lot of sprayers out there, but we have the tips and tricks to maximize your fertilizer with the Ortho Dial n’ Spray. Before you begin, test the sprayer by filling the container about halfway with just water. If your Ortho Dial n’ Spray is having trouble picking up the water, we have a secret for you: open the cap, and at the bottom of the nozzle straw, you will see a screen...remove it! This will allow any formula you choose to be easily picked up by the nozzle hose in your Ortho Dial n’ Spray. Start spraying close to the sidewalk or street side of your yard, and work your way in towards your home. That way, your hose isn’t dragging product along, avoiding a hose covered in concentrate, and a lawn unevenly fertilized. When your container is close to empty, the nozzle straw has to work harder to collect all your fertilizer concentrate. Make the final ounces easier by increasing the dial on your Ortho Dial n’ Spray, and pick up the pace!

You now have one of the best kept secrets to fertilizing: grab your Ortho Dial n’ Spray and your Simple Lawn Solutions, and get to work!

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Simple Lawn Solutions
Simple Lawn Solutions

August 17, 2020

Hello Chris, thank you for your comment. We would recommend applying the soil loosener at a 1 ounce per 1000 square feet rate. The product at this rate is effective, although some areas may be harder than others, in which it is okay to do a second application 1-2 weeks later. The ortho sprayer connects to the hose so the hose will add the water and you can control the ounces to gallons ratio using the dial. If you have any additional questions, please email us at


August 17, 2020

I recently purchased your soil loosener product and am going to be using an ortho dial and spray to apply to my 3k sq/ft lawn. Product label says 1oz per 1k sq/ft of lawn. This seems like a small amount of product in the container that will have difficulty getting picked up and spread through the sprayer. Should I fill the ortho with water after adding product to the container? Please advise A recommended solution. Thank you for your attention!

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