lawn covered in snow

Protect your Lawn in Cold Weather

During the colder winter months, it’s easy for us to put on a jacket, hat, mittens, and a scarf to stay warm. Our lawns, however, don’t have the same luxury. That’s why it’s critically important to prepare your lawns ahead of time to prevent any permanent damage once the temperatures drop.

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man mowing lawn on sit down lawn mower

Lawn Food for Maximum Green

Keeping your yard happy and healthy is essential to maintaining a fresh, green landscape throughout the year. Unfortunately, we don’t always have the right natural qualities to make our yards as attractive as they could be. Whether it’s a drought or not enough nutrients, there are still ways that we can improve how we treat our yards so we can create a space that is as healthy as it is beautiful. 

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grass with dew on it

A Complete Solution for Lawn Care

Creating a natural oasis in your backyard can be more challenging than you think. From finding the perfect grass seed and lawnmower to installing sprinklers and making sure you’re watering on a set schedule, it’s more than ‘grow and go.’ But achieving a beautiful and lush lawn doesn’t have to be something you only see in magazines. 

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mower cutting grass

Cutting Your Grass and Other Lawn Care To-Dos

Whether or not you are a homeowner, you know that one of the most critical aspects of lawn care is cutting your grass. It’s a no-brainer! When your grass looks long and unkempt or worse, dry and patchy, the look and feel of your home can take a downward turn. You want to look at your home and yard with pride, not with a sense of dread or disappointment.

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lush lawn with bubble on top

Boost your Lawn for Lush Green Grass

Nothing says excellent curb appeal like a happy, lush lawn of green grass. Unfortunately, keeping your lawn beautiful isn’t always as easy as you may think. Keeping roots strong and supported while providing additional energy for healthy growth and development of new blades of grass can take time, hard work, and research into what products are best for your situation.

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snow melting on lawn and grass

6 Tips to Avoid a Decline in Lawn Health This Winter

With the cold creeping in, how are you supposed to take care of the lawn you’ve created?! Many people think that in the winter, lawn care is more challenging than it is in the summer. However, if you prepare correctly, it can be a breeze! If you follow our steps, you can sit back and let nature do its thing. Come spring, your lawn will be looking as fresh as ever. 

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shoes with lawn aerators

Why is Lawn Aeration Important?

For first time homeowners and those who have owned their homes for many years, the importance of proper lawn care should be a priority. A home is made even more beautiful and put together when the front and back lawns are in tip-top shape.

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hands holding soil

Digging up the Dirt: Four Ways to Know If Your Soil Is Killing Your Grass

A quality soil care regimen is essential to allowing your lawn or garden the nutrients it needs to thrive year after year. Soil problems are often overlooked when a lawn or garden starts to suffer. However, by taking the initiative to determine the problem and learning how to fix it, you can save yourself a headache and a more significant issue down the road.

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snow on grass

Winter Lawn Care for Cool-Season Grass

Winter is the season with the least amount of lawn care duties. However, if you don’t adjust your grass care regimen, you could end up with an uneven lawn in springtime. Worse over, you might have to plant new seed or lay new sod to replace the lawn that fell victim to winterkill or disease. At Simple Lawn Solutions, we want to help you make sure that doesn’t happen. Ensuring a healthy winter season for your lawn begins with identifying your zone, and your grass.

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hose spraying grass with sprayer attachment

Lawn Care Hack: Liquify!

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Whether it contains granular lawn nutrients or liquid lawn nutrients when used correctly, a quality fertilizer will help your lawn looks it’s best. There are pros and cons to each, but at the end of the day, we’ll save you the research. We recommend going the liquid route, and here’s why.

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    backyard with a green lawn and landscaping

    So Much Green, So Many Varieties

    Blades of grass are not all created equal. Look upon a random lawn, and you may see vibrant, green grass. You may also see a slightly duller shade as if it’s losing its luster. And that lawn over there? A patch of gorgeous, bright green that doesn’t match the rest of their green lawn. So, what gives? There are numerous reasons for the different shades of green you see everywhere. It could be nutrients in the ground, how that lawn is being treated (if at all), even what seed was planted. Below, we’ll give you a few reasons why one green lawn may look different from another.

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      fall lawn care with someone raking leaves over grass

      Your Guide to Fall Lawn Care

       Ask any homeowner what they are proudest of, and you are likely to hear “my green lawn” come up more than a handful of times. A green, lush lawn is a symbol of their hard work and dedication to making their property look its best. But when autumn hits, that green expanse can very quickly be lost under a dense layer of fallen, dead leaves. This leaf layer can block sunlight from reaching your lawn and trap moisture, which can affect the health of your yard.

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