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Help My Grass Grow Faster

Getting your lawn to grow faster can be as painful as watching a pot of water boil. There are several lawn care tactics that you can apply to help the grass grow faster and more durable. The best thing you can do to get aid in grass growth is to assure your lawn is in proper health from the ground up. Using high-quality products, Simple Lawn Solutions offers all lawn care necessities to assist in growth for even the most stunted grasses. From fertilizer to aeration, we will break down all steps to get your grass standing tall and glowing green. 


Improving Soil Health

Soil is a living ecosystem in which nutrients and energy live and allow water and air to flow. With the right lawn care, this ecosystem can function adequately, allowing living plants like grass to flourish. If your lawn's soil is lacking, it can directly affect how your grass grows. To combat stunted grass and get your blades standing tall, we recommend testing your soil for any deficiencies. A soil test involves collecting a series of random soil samples and sending them to a lab for examination.

The results of this test can tell you the following about your soil: 

  •     Nutrient levels
  •     pH level
  •     Soil texture
  •     Organic matter levels


The information from your soil test results will guide you to determine your next steps in improving your soil lawn care and getting on the right track to healthy, nutrient-rich soil. You can address any nutrient deficiencies by applying the right blend of fertilizer or use of other soil treatments. The pH level of your soil can help you determine if your ground is acidic or alkaline. For tall, healthy grass, most soil pH levels should be around five to seven. No matter what your soil issue is, we can help you learn more to improve your soil's health. 

 Homeowner working on grass soil.

The Benefits of Aeration

Lawn aeration is an easy way to help your soil breathe. If your grass is stressed or stunted, it's likely beneficial to incorporate aeration into your lawn care. Without having to create holes in your lawn physically, our Liquid Aerating Soil Loosener provides the same benefits as traditional aeration:

  •     Reduces soil compaction
  •     Enhances soil structure
  •     Breaks apart soil colloids
  •     Improves drainage
  •     Conditions the soil
  •     Helps vertical movement of moisture
  •     Encourages overall greening


With lawn aeration, you can make sure your soil is more receptive to nutrients, air, water, and sunlight, all necessary for overall grass growth. Aeration is an excellent step to take before applying fertilizer. Let’s get into how you can pick the right fertilizer for your lawn care needs.


Fertilizing Fun for Your Lawn

Fertilizing your lawn doesn’t have to be a mundane task. Whether or not your soil needs a nutritious boost, we recommend applying our lawn food fertilizer at least once a year for upkeep and to help your grass grow. This lawn application just got easier with our liquid fertilizer. There are so many benefits to ditching granular fertilizer and going liquid. Say goodbye to spreading equipment and ease your mind with our fast-acting, homogeneous mixture. Improve your lawn care today and shop our collection of lawn food and fertilizers.


The Right Amount of Water

One way to get to the root of the problem when it comes to stunted grass is by making sure your grass is receiving enough moisture. Your lawn needs sufficient water to thrive, so it's crucial to establish a consistent watering schedule. Consider setting up a timed water sprinkler schedule, paying attention to both watering duration and time of day. Watering in the evening when the air is cooler is suggested to avoid water evaporation or burning the grass. Crispy grass blades are detrimental to grass growth, so ensuring you are watering your lawn adequately is necessary. Be sure to adjust your watering schedule with the weather patterns to prevent overwatering. Too much water in your grass can prevent oxygen from flowing through the soil and suffocate your lawn. If you're looking for more watering lawn care tips, we have you covered!


Weed Control and Upkeep

The peskiest part of lawn care is one of the most necessary - weed control. These pesky, uninvited lawn guests can steal nutrients away from grass, which is why it's best to keep them at bay. By consistently engaging in weed removal, you can work to eradicate these unwanted plants from your lawn. Getting rid of weeds will reallocate the resources to your lawn instead and is an easy way to get your grass to grow. If your lawn is overgrown by weeds, we recommend taking a phased approach to removal, so you don't become overwhelmed. Following weed removal, make sure you fill any bare spots with new grass seed and water often for optimal grass growth.

 Homeowner mowing grass.

Mowing for Growing

An easy way to improve grass growth is by changing up your lawn mowing routine. We advise alternating mowing patterns so that grass blades do not get used to growing in one direction, causing them to lean. Instead, alternating mowing direction can keep the grass standing tall. While you're mowing, it's essential to make sure your mower's blades are sharp, cutting the blades cleanly, not damaging the grass. Being too consistent with your lawn mowing schedule can be detrimental to your grass. Instead of routinely mowing every weekend, pay attention to the length of your grass and aim to only cut a third of the grass blades off during each trim. Giving your lawn the right kind of haircut will help your grass grow tall and strong.


Simple Lawn Solutions

Tall, thick, and luscious grass is the most admirable characteristic of any lawn. When it comes to helping with grass growth, we offer up our expertise. At Simple Lawn Solutions, we're here to make the hard work that comes with lawn care a little bit more fun and a lot more straightforward. 

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