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Our Top 5 Lawn Care Products for New Homeowners

There are about a million and one things that come with being a new homeowner. From paying mortgages to fixing that leaky roof, and then looking outside and realizing your lawn is in shambles. Adulting is fun, right?! When it comes to making your home look like the most beautiful one on the block, we’ve got you covered! We’re a family-owned business, and our lawn care products are all made in the USA. 


Knowing Your Lawn 

Just like our bodies, our lawns need certain nutrients to stay healthy. Your lawn might have some nutrient deficiencies and need a little help thriving. The most common deficiencies you may see in your lawn are:

  •   nitrogen
  •   potassium
  •   phosphorus

How can you tell what your lawn could be lacking? If you’ve noticed your grass is yellowing, it might have a nitrogen deficiency. This can also cause stunted or slow growth in the grass and low density. A potassium deficiency can make your lawn more sensitive to hot or cold temperatures and more prone to disease. Phosphorus deficiency might cause your grass to stop growing and becoming a deep, dark shade of green.

Lawns have personalities, too! There are different types of grass, depending on where you live and the land on which builders created your home. Your grass type could be Bermuda, St. Augustine, Centipede, Bahia, Florida Palmetto, or more. You want to keep your lawn maintenance specific to your type of grass. 


Our Must Have Lawn Care Items for New Homeowners

1. Lawn Food

The best way to keep your lawn in tip-top shape is by having high soil quality. Lawn food helps the soil reach its full potential. Each of our foods for lawn care has a different NPK or soil level. NPK is the ratio of nitrogen (N), to phosphorus (P), to potassium (K). 


Our 16-4-8 complete balanced NPK lawn food works for lawn maintenance for any grass type. With our lawn food, you can be sure your grass is nourished with safe and pure liquid ingredients. The phosphate, nitrogen, and potash formula makes grass grow taller and greener while also providing nutrients for the roots.

If your grass has nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium nutrient deficiencies, this lawn food will come to your rescue. The perfect blend of crucial macronutrients, including seaweed and fish, is what makes it so great for lawn care. You’re probably thinking, “Eww! Why would I want fish in my grass?” The fish and seaweed in the lawn food actually restore micronutrients in the lawn while some chemicals can lock up soil’s natural micronutrients. Don’t worry; you won’t struggle to try to figure out how to work the spray. We designed it to be easy to apply to your lawn! 


Our 15-0-15 NPK formula is phosphorus-free. This lawn food is perfect for every grass type. Use it to maintain lawn care or treat nutrient deficiencies. It contains bioactive organics and feed-grade urea. Food grade urea is found in nature and can help your grass grow more quickly. This lawn food also has humic and fulvic acids, potash, and sulfur. Humic acid boosts levels of microbial activity in your lawn, which enhances the soil. Fulvic acids are like a stimulus in your lawn’s digestive system. Treating your soil with potash will help grass withstand drought, stress, and disease, while sulfur adjusts the soil’s pH levels.


If your lawn needs all the phosphorus and potassium it can get, our 3-18-18 high phosphorus and potassium NPK lawn food could be the saving grace. This blend creates an effective NPK because it increases the mobility of phosphates in the soil. It’s designed to give your grass growth, both at the roots and the top of the blades. Made with safe and all-natural ingredients, you don’t have to worry about any harsh chemicals damaging your lawn. This lawn food helps build hardiness and strength and improves disease resistance for your lawn care.


Our 28-0-0 high nitrogen NPK lawn food is excellent for those of you who are struggling with your lawn’s nitrogen levels. This blend intensifies greening and enhances growth all in one. Our 32-ounce bottle can cover lawn maintenance of about 3,200 square feet. It comes ready to spray with 70% quick-release nitrogen and 30% slow-release nitrogen for easy application. Just like our other lawn foods, this blend works with lawn care for any grass type. 

2. Lawn Boosters

Lawn booster will make your grass grow thicker, taller, and greener. Who doesn’t want that, are we right? We have boosters catered to different lawn types so you can ensure lawn care isn’t a hassle. 

We specially formulated our Extreme Growth booster to increase your lawn’s vertical and lateral growth. It is a phosphate concentrate that is energized with fulvic and humic acids to help your grass. Have little ones or pets running around? This formula is natural and non-toxic, making it kid and pet friendly. It comes with a ready-to-use hose-end sprayer so you can get to work on your lawn maintenance right away! You can use this booster on any grass type.

We make our Lawn Energizer with a chelated iron and nitrogen blend. This booster is great for enhancing your soil and turf to its highest nutrient levels for the best growth, color, and health possible. Adding iron to your lawn brings out the gorgeous green in your grass while making sure it doesn’t grow excessively. It comes in a ready-to-spray, 32-ounce bottle and can last up to 3,200 square feet of lawn maintenance.

Our Micro Booster has chelated iron and micronutrients; it contains the complete nutrients for plants and turf. It is also made with zinc, magnesium, sulfur, and manganese, all-powerful ingredients for lawn maintenance. This micro boost will provide immediate nutrients that your lawn and plants will quickly absorb. If you want to sharpen your green thumb, this micro booster is fantastic for growing healthy flowers and fruits. 

Root and Soil Hume

Root Hume is essential in your lawn care makeover.

It encourages your lawn to absorb more nutrients like:

  •   nitrogen

  •   magnesium

  •   phosphorus

  •   potassium 

It can soothe and condition your stressed or damaged soil and increase the seed germination rate. Every new homeowner needs root hume for lawn maintenance since it is so versatile! You can use it on turfgrass, seeding, fruits, vegetables, trees, flowers, and more. If that wasn’t convincing enough, some of the other benefits of using Root Hume are:

  •   a boost in plant growth
  •   increased fertilizer transfer
  •   increased nutrient uptake

Soil Hume is just as crucial as root hume in your lawn care regimen. It is made with seaweed harvested from the North Atlantic Ocean, humic acid, and fulvic acid. This formula is splendid for helping your garden uptake more nutrients. Soil Hume is even suitable for those indoor plants you’re struggling to keep alive. It can retain soil and save it for when plants and grass require it.

4. Soil Loosener

Every new homeowner needs a soil loosener for lawn maintenance. A liquid soil loosener can loosen and break apart soil underground, allowing more water and air into the roots. It loosens clay and hard dirt that can be a stubborn pain. The Soil Loosener allows the fertilizer to reach closer to the root zone. You can use this product to enhance lawn care in any grass or soil type. All non-toxic and bio-degradable, this treatment makes it safe for the whole family to enjoy that luscious green lawn. You can use the soil loosener about four weeks before planting new seeds for better results with your plants!

5. Simple Lawn Solutions | Ryan Knorr Lawn Essentials Bundle Box

We know all this lawn maintenance information can seem like an overload. Who knew so much went into keeping your grass green and growing? If you don’t know where to start with your lawn care routine, our lawn essentials kit might be the perfect pick for you. It contains:

  •   two 16-4-8 Lawn Food Fertilizers
  •   two Lawn Energizer Micronutrient Boosters
  •   one Root Hume
  •   one Soil Hume
  •   three ready-to-use spray nozzles
  •   two collector stickers

This kit has everything you need to keep your neighbors jealous of your gorgeous lawn. It works for the cold or warmer seasons, and you can use it for lawn maintenance on any grass type! 

We hope these products can help ease some of the stress of tackling lawn care as a new homeowner. With so many other things piled on your plate, you don’t need to be losing sleep over your dead grass. Experience the joy of your new home with your toes between your freshly tall, green grass! 


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