All-Purpose NPK Plant Food for Houseplants (32 Ounces)

4-6-8 All Purpose Plant Food contains the essential macronutrients to help keep your plants looking and feeling their best! This plant food is designed to enhance your plant's green & growth while providing just enough energy for root support, vigor, and strength. If you want a balanced plant food to maintain your plants, this all-purpose food is perfect for you! 

Who Should Use This Product? 4-6-8 All-Purpose Plant Food is best to be used...

  • To maintain and feed your plants
  • If you want to enhance the green of your plants
  • If you are trying to boost vertical and lateral growth
  • If your soil is deficient in Nitrogen, Phosphorus, or Potassium

4-6-8 All-Purpose Plant Food is made from high-quality feed-grade ingredients. Our decades of research have resulted in formulas that are expertly manufactured with our proprietary manufacturing method, unlike any other product on the market. 

  • Encourages Greening & Vertical/Lateral Growth.
  • Provides Nutrients for Resilient Plant & Root Development.
  • Boosts Plant Hardiness & Strength: Helps to Build Resistance Against Disease.
  • Enhances Existing Minerals in the Soil.
  • Corrects Nitrogen, Phosphorus, & Potassium Deficiencies.

Nitrogen 4% is a major component of chlorophyll where plants get their green coloring. Nitrogen encourages vigorous growth for the development of dense new plant growth.

Phosphorus 6% encourages root development and enhances vigorous plant development in the early stages. Phosphorus is essential for successful seed germination and root development. 

Potassium 8% enhances plant tolerance to extreme temperatures and drought, while also playing an essential role in the transfer of nutrients and regulation of water and nutrients.

Seaweed & Humic Acid provides rich, organic matter to the soil for more effective plant food and optimum nutrient uptake.

  • Great for Most Plant Types
  • Can be used for Houseplants, Garden, and Lawn
  • Unique, Proprietary Formula 
  • High-Quality Feed Grade Ingredients
  • Proudly Made in the USA

For best results, follow directions on the label, and apply All-Purpose Plant Food with water, Fertilizer will not treat a plant or garden that is suffering from disease, pests, weed infestations, or drought, and these conditions should be treated separately.