Liquid Aerating Soil Loosener - 32 ounce


Simple Lawn Solutions: Liquid Soil Loosener is a conditioning soil treatment that helps the vertical movement of moisture. Prevents crusting, reduces hardpan, and compaction in the soil. Liquid Soil Loosener is an easy alternative to physical or core Aeration. Forget spike shoes, mechanical & core aerating methods. Aerify your lawn with this advanced, easy to work with treatment. Use 4 weeks before planting new seeds for better seed germination. Great for any grass type and soil type. 

Features and benefits:

· Advanced Liquid Aeration Soil Loosener

· Great for Every Grass Type & Soil Type

· Free of Harsh Chemicals

· Reduces Soil Compaction

· Allows Nutrients to be More Available to the Root System

· Promotes Movement of Standing Water

· Economical Bottle, a Little Goes a Long Way

· Enhances Soil Structure

· Encourages Overall Greening & Health of Grass & Soil

· Made & Manufactured in the USA

· Used Commercially

  • Liquid Soil Aerator: Alternative to Physical, Core & Mechanical Aeration, Liquid Soil Loosener loosens compact soil and break apart hardpan. Aerating soil will help the downward movement of water allowing more water and air to get to the roots.
  • Soil Conditioner: Enhances soil structure and improves root growth by decreasing compaction. Breaks apart soil colloids, loosening clay and hard dirt & soil. Helping your lawn receive nutrients, green up turf and improves overall soil & grass health.
  • Helps Standing Water, Promotes Drainage: Increases nutrient availability by helping fertilizer reach the root zone. Safe, Natural, non-toxic bio-degradable treatment. Safe for children and pets.
  • Produced In The United States: Liquid Soil Loosener is manufactured in the United States of America, by a family-owned business with 24 years of former experience in the turf industry.