Lawn Food: 16-4-8 Complete Balanced NPK (1 Gallon)

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Get the best lawn on the block this lawn season!

16-4-8 Lawn Food contains the essential macronutrients to help get your lawn on track this season, no matter what grass type you have! This lawn food is designed to give your turf green & growth while providing just enough energy for root support, vigor, and strength. If you want a balanced Lawn Food to maintain a healthy lawn this Lawn Food is perfect for you! 

16-4-8 is made from high-quality feed-grade ingredients. Our decades of research have resulted in formulas that are expertly manufactured with our proprietary manufacturing method, unlike any other product on the market. 

Nitrogen 16% is a major component of chlorophyll where plants get their green coloring. Nitrogen encourages vigorous growth for the development of a dense attractive lawn.

Phosphorus 4% encourages root development and enhances vigorous plant development in the early stages. Phosphorus is essential for successful seeding and for establishing sod.

Potassium 8% enhances plant tolerance to extreme temperatures and drought, while also playing an essential role in the transfer of nutrients and regulation of water and nutrients.

Seaweed & Fish Emulsion provides rich, organic matter to the soil for a more effective Lawn Food and optimum nutrient uptake.

Who Should Use This Product? 16-4-8 Lawn Food is best to be used...

  • To maintain and feed your lawn
  • If you want to enhance the green of your lawn
  • If you are trying to boost vertical and lateral growth
  • If your lawn is deficient in Nitrogen or Potassium

Whether you are looking to maintain your current lawn, correcting nutrient deficiencies, or you are starting your lawn completely from scratch, our customer care team and products have you covered! Contact our team for a custom lawn plan tailored to your lawn’s needs!

  • Encourages Greening & Vertical/Lateral Growth for a Thicker, Greener Lawn.
  • Provides Nutrients for Resilient Turf & Root Development.
  • Boosts Plant Hardiness & Strength: Helps to Build Resistance Against Disease.
  • Enhances Existing Minerals in the Soil.
  • Corrects Nitrogen, Phosphorus, & Potassium Deficiencies.
  • Covers 12,800 Square Feet
  • Great for All Grass Types
  • Unique, Proprietary Formula 
  • High-Quality Feed Grade Ingredients
  • Proudly Made in the USA

For best results, water the lawn for 20 minutes within 24 hours of application. Water is essential for maintaining your lawn, and your lawn should receive 1-2 inches of water per week. Fertilizer will not treat a lawn that is suffering from disease, pests, weed infestations, or drought, and these conditions should be treated separately.

This fertilizer contains Phosphorus and may not be used for lawn maintenance on turf in Maryland, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, and Virginia except when 1) Providing nutrients to specific soils and target vegetation as determined to be necessary in accordance with a soil test that was conducted by a laboratory* performed no more than 3 years before the application. 2) Establishing vegetation for the first time, such as after land disturbance, provided the application is conducted in accordance with the recommended application rates established by the state. 3) Re-establishing or repairing the turf area. *In Maryland, the soil testing laboratory must be identified under Section 8-803.7 of the Agriculture Article, Annotated Code of Maryland.