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How to Get a Thick, Luscious Lawn

Do you have unattractive bare spots in your lawn? Weeds can overtake these barren areas and are tough to eradicate. Consider covering up those spots with grass seed for a seamless cover-up. Once this new seed sprouts and grows, it will blend into the rest of your yard. Before you get seeding, there are some steps you will need to take to prepare your lawn for the grass seed. From liquid fertilizer to debris removal, it’s vital to understand what type of soil environment is necessary for successful grass seed growth.

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Help My Grass Grow Faster

Getting your lawn to grow faster can be as painful as watching a pot of water boil. There are several lawn care tactics that you can apply to help the grass grow faster and more durable. The best thing you can do to get aid in grass growth is to assure your lawn is in proper health from the ground up. Using high-quality products, Simple Lawn Solutions offers all lawn care necessities to assist in growth for even the most stunted grasses. From fertilizer to aeration, we will break down all steps to get your grass standing tall and glowing green. 

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Everything You Need to Know About Ryegrass

The first step to excellent lawn care is understanding the pros and cons of each grass type. Many factors influence your grass type choices, and the turf you have will affect your lawn care routine.

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How to Stop Grass Weeds From Spreading

Annoying weeds can make your lawn look messy and unattractive. Grass weeds are the unwanted lawn nuisance that always seems to spread quickly and never go away. We want to teach you how to remove weeds properly and what lawn care techniques to implement into your routine to prevent further grass weed growth.

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Identifying and Removing Common Grass Weeds


Are you wondering what kind of weed is popping up in your yard? You do not have to wonder any longer. We're going to break down some common types of weeds and help you control your yard.

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Lawn Care for the Summer

You’re in love with your lawn, and now it’s your time to shine. It’s summertime. Your grass should be thick, lush, and a beautiful deep green. Your grass care includes mowing and watering and treating for weeds. After all, you take great pride in having the best lawn on the block. Follow our complete summer lawn care guide for lawn solutions to make your grass dreams come true, and help you stay on top of the challenges that summer can bring.

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Six Tips to Transplant Sod

Are you looking to fill in bare spots in your yard with grass? When it comes to transplanting sod, it’s not all rainbows and butterflies. This task is not easy labor and can be very time consuming - but with our help, we hope you find this a little easier!

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Top 10 Lawn Care Facts

Warmer weather brings new opportunities to use grass care techniques to have a pristine lawn. Everyone loves to look at a perfect lawn, but few people know about the lawn care that goes into maintaining that lawn. Even fewer people are willing to follow through with all the required lawn care steps. That’s why a thick and lush green lawn is such a lovely oddity. We know you’re different. You’re willing to take the time and energy to give your turfgrass the grass care it needs. So, we’ve compiled a list of our top ten grass care tips to save you from having a weed-infested, brown, patchy lawn ever again.

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How to Feed Your Grass

Regardless of your geographical location, if you have a lawn it is likely turfgrass. Turfgrass is made up of any variety of grass to form a turf, the healthiest of which are thick, green, and free from weeds and bare spots. Turfgrass is like any plant, in that to reach its truest, greenest potential, you need to feed it. Using fertilizer is one way to feed grass, but there are many ways you can feed the grass and the microbes in your soil to achieve a fuller, greener lawn.

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Everything You Need to Know About Liquid Fertilizer


We want your grass care to be quick and effective, so you are spending more of the summer with your feet kicked up and relaxing. Our lawn care products are meant to add ease to your grass care routine.

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Common Lawn Care Problems and Their Solutions


Many grass care steps go into the well-manicured yard, and there are many blunders that can happen. With some determination, you can fix any lawn problem that comes your way. The key to a lawn that can bounce back quickly and easily is proper maintenance. Always mow and water correctly, apply fertilizer on a schedule, and aerate and dethatch as needed. By caring for your lawn regularly, if problems do come up, they will be easy to fix.

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Caring for Your Kentucky Bluegrass


A happy, healthy lawn can do wonders for your home’s curb appeal. If mowing and occasional watering are not giving you that lush, green oasis you want, perhaps you need to understand your grass type better.

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