Product Questions

General Product Questions

How do I use the attached hose end sprayer?

Shake the product well. Attach spray nozzle to end of hose. Turn water on at low to medium flow. Turn dial to “on” position. Apply product evenly, walking at a medium pace and spraying in a side to side motion, covering approximately 6 ft.

I can’t seem to get the product to go through the sprayer. Am I doing something wrong?

If you are having trouble with the sprayer please follow these troubleshooting tips:

  1. Shake Product Well
  2. Make sure the straw is connected inside the bottle (it can get disconnected during shipping) *most common reason for sprayer trouble*
  3. While the bottle is connected to the hose and the water is on switch the sprayer setting from "On" to "Off" then back to "On" to break the seal inside the sprayer.    
  4. If your product was stored over the winter please put the product inside for 24 hours before using. Storing in Cold temperatures can thicken the product

If you have followed these troubleshooting steps and you are still having issues with our sprayer please contact us directly

How do I use my product with a third party hose end sprayer?

  1. Pour the solution into the hose end sprayer bottle
  2. Dial the sprayer to the recommended ounces according to the label
  3. Attach sprayer to hose
  4. Apply recommended ounces per 1 thousand square feet according to the label

How do I use the solutions with a pump up sprayer or spray tank applicator?

  1. Mix recommended ounces to each 1 gallon of water inside the spray tank, according to spray tank instructions on the individual product label
  2. Spray solution per each 1 thousand square feet as recommended by the individual product label

Can I combine multiple products in the same sprayer?

We do not recommend combining products in the same sprayer. Due to formula reactions that clog sprayers. Before you combine any solution we recommend doing a jar compatibility test to ensure solution compatibility.

How long after applying do I need to wait to for people or pets to go on the lawn? 

After the solution is absorbed into the soil you may walk on the lawn. Generally the solution will be absorbed into the ground 6-8 hours after applying. You may water in directly after applying to speed up this process.

can I store the product for later use?

Yes, you can store the product for later use. Our products have a 1-2 year shelf life after purchase as long as they are stored in a room temperature environment. If storing over winter please ensure that it is kept in a location where it will not freeze or become too cold. If storing through the summer months please ensure the product is not stored in a high heat environment or in direct sunlight. Shake very well before using after storing.

Lawn Questions

I am a new customer and can't decide which products would be best for my lawn. Can you help guide me?

Absolutely! Our team is here to help. Please fill out the questionnaire below with as much details as possible and we will help narrow down which products may be most appropriate for your lawn!  

Thanks! Our team members will review your information and email you back a custom lawn guide! :)
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