4-6-8 Houseplant Food Product Spotlight

4-6-8 Houseplant Food Product Spotlight

Winter is here. The days spent out in the yard, tending the lawn, are long gone. Lawn care enthusiasts have resorted to laying down stripes on their carpets with vacuums or striping snow-covered driveways and yards with snowblowers and shovels. All this to pass the time until we can get back out in the yard. There are other ways to help pass the time until spring, including purchasing some houseplants to brighten up your room, filter the air, and provide you with plants to tend to and enjoy. If any new houseplants do show up in your house this winter, we have just the fertilizer to keep them happy and healthy. Simple Lawn Solutions 4-6-8 All-Purpose Plant Food contains the nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium necessary to keep your houseplants vibrant year-round.

The ingredients in our 4-6-8 All-Purpose Plant Food are sourced from high-quality, feed-grade ingredients. Let’s take a closer look:

Urea - Urea is one of the best, quickly available forms of nitrogen that you can deliver to plants. Nitrogen is the nutrient used in the greatest quantity by plants. It makes up part of the chlorophyll molecule, but in addition, it helps make up the proteins and enzymes necessary for plants to grow. Without nitrogen, the building blocks for plant growth are severely compromised. 

Ammonium Nitrate - Ammonium nitrate is another great source of nitrogen. It contains both forms of plant-available nitrogen, ammonium and nitrate. Having two different forms of nitrogen is beneficial to plants, rather than having to rely on only one form alone. 

Phosphoric Acid - This is a great source of phosphorus, containing about 54% phosphorus by weight. Liquid phosphorus is a great way to make sure your fertilizer application is applied uniformly, as phosphorus can be relatively immobile in soils. Liquid drenches have a much better initial application uniformity compared to granules. What’s even cooler is that you can find this in the ingredient list on a can of coca-cola.  

Potassium Hydroxide - This is a great source of potassium for plants that may be sensitive to the high level of chloride contained in potassium chloride fertilizers.   

Calcium EDTA - Calcium has many important roles in a plant’s lifecycle. One important role is that calcium is responsible for strengthening the cell walls of plants. Cell walls are one feature that differentiates plant and animal cells. Cell walls give plants their rigid, resilient structure. Calcium also plays a role in cell division and activates a number of plant-growth-regulating enzymes. Calcium also helps plants convert the nitrogen that they absorb into a usable form.  

Kelp (Ascophyllum nodosum) - Kelp has been used for thousands of years as a fertilizer source. Kelp or seaweed extract enhances soil health by improving moisture-holding capacity, soil microbe growth, soil aeration, and nutrient availability. Seaweed extract also contains beneficial trace elements, amino acids, and carbohydrates.  


Humic Acids (Derived from Leonardite shale)- This source of humic acid is considered the highest-quality source available. Humic acids play many roles in the soil, the key role being a chelator of many plant-essential micronutrients. This means that humic acids can make nutrients in the soil more readily available for plant uptake, reducing the amount of “work” the plant must perform to harvest the nutrients it needs. 

Hopefully, it’s clear to see just how great of an all-around houseplant fertilizer SLS 4-6-8 Houseplant Food is. Looking to supply your houseplants with an array of micronutrients to complement the macronutrients in our Houseplant Food? Give MicroBooster a try. It’s an OMRI-certified organic product.  


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