Four Reasons You Need to Fertilize Your Lawn

Four Reasons You Need to Fertilize Your Lawn

As a homeowner, there is a pride in having a thick, luscious, green lawn that is the neighborhood's envy. However, it takes work to maintain and keep your lawn looking as healthy as possible, and it can be overwhelming knowing which lawn care products to use.

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One of the best lawn care tips for having the yard of your dreams is fertilizer. Lawn fertilizer is nutrients for your lawn. Just like water, your lawn needs nutrients to grow. When used correctly, lawn fertilizer will have your lawn looking its best.

But sometimes, the thought of choosing a lawn fertilizer is intimidating to most homeowners.  Fertilizers are commonly made up of three different nutrients: Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium. Each of the ingredients plays a crucial role in maintaining healthy lawns.

Nitrogen promotes healthy growth and aids in the production of chlorophyll.

Phosphorus is essential for plant and root development.

Potassium can helps it to resist drought and disease. 

The fertilizer will have a 3 number ratio that indicates the percentages of nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), and potassium (K), or the N-P-K ratio, of the fertilizer.

Why Fertilize Your Lawn

1. Your Soil Needs Fertilizer

man in jeans using fertilizer red wheelbarrow to fertilize brown spots on lawnFor a lawn to look its best, you need to start from the ground up, with balanced, nutrient-rich soil. Over time, your lawn may show signs of nutrient imbalances such as brown spots or dryness, so it needs and will benefit from lawn fertilizer and a liquid aerator. Before applying one, conduct a soil test. A soil test will tell you the pH level of your soil, which will help you determine the ratio of N-P-K that your lawn needs.

2. Improve the Quality and Appearance of Your Lawn

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You already know that fertilizer is an essential part of your lawn's health. Adding fertilizer to your lawn will make the grass grow faster, greener, and healthier. Plus, proper fertilization should help keep weeds at bay. While you may not want to cut your lawn as often, you do want it to look great, so it’s a sacrifice most homeowners are willing to make. 

3. Better Resistance to Stress/Unfavorable Conditions

Proper nutrition is the key to growing grass that not only looks beautiful but is also strong enough to endure temperature changes, disease, pests, and other unfavorable conditions.

4. Fertilizer can be Cost-Effective

Lawn care can be pricey, primarily if you use a professional lawn care service. Using fertilizer is often relatively cost-effective. You will be able to save on money applying fertilizer yourself without needing to sacrifice much of your time. Plus, it will be easier to adjust treatment without needing to call a service provider and discuss the issues you’re still seeing. You can compare the different lawn fertilizers and see why we recommend you liquify for all your lawn care needs.

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