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Four Tips for the Best Lawn on the Block


Have you ever walked by a house in your neighborhood and thought, “Wow. That is a beautiful lawn!” You’re not alone. In fact, most people would love to have a full, lush lawn that is the talk of the neighborhood. Well, it’s possible for you to be on the receiving side of the lawn-envy if you follow our easy lawn care tips and use quality liquid lawn care products. 

Fill in Bare Spots in Your Lawn

The first thing on our list of lawn care tips that you need to address is any bare spots in your yard. Sparsity in certain parts of a lawn is common and a result of normal wear and tear from foot traffic and animal activity. Because aeration can help seed germination, plan to fill in bare patches four weeks after you aerate your lawn. Use liquid lawn care soil loosener, fertilize with liquid lawn care food high in nitrogen, and after four weeks:

  1. Pull any weeds and remaining grass.
  2. Rake the soil to loosen.
  3. Mix grass seed with potting soil in 1:3 parts and spread over the bare area.
  4. Cover the seed with compost and straw.
  5. Water twice per day until the seeds have germinated.
  6. Wait to mow until the new grass is at least three inches long. 

Control Weeds in Your Lawn

Weeds stand in the way of a flawless lawn. That’s why controlling weeds is our next lawn care tip. Maintaining a healthy lawn through regular mowing, watering, and periodic fertilizing with liquid lawn care and aerating is the best way to keep weeds at bay, but if your lawn is full of weeds follow these steps:

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  1. Figure out what kind of weeds are in your yard. Some weeds are tougher than others, and there are specific products for certain weeds.
  2. Choose a treatment. If you plan to protect your lawn proactively, you need a pre-emergent herbicide. If you have already established weeds, you need a post-emergent herbicide.
  3. After you choose your product, carefully follow the directions and treat your lawn. Your grass should be fine, as long as you follow directions.
  4. Maintain your weed-free lawn through regular lawn care.

Water Your Lawn Properly

Probably the most important lawn care tip for a beautiful lawn is to keep your grass hydrated. Water your lawn one inch of water per week in the early morning, and increase or decrease depending on the current weather. If it’s raining every day, you don’t have to water as frequently. If you’re currently suffering through a drought, you may need to increase watering to keep your grass healthy.

Fertilize Your Lawn

The easiest way to treat your lawn is with liquid lawn care. Use a fertilizer rich in:

  1. Nitrogen if you need to encourage new leaf growth.
  2. Phosphorous for seeding or if you need to encourage root growth.
  3. Potassium for plant hardiness

A regular lawn care routine is necessary for a beautiful lawn. It can be a bit of a hassle, but the use of liquid lawn care makes even the most labor-intensive lawn care tasks manageable. By following these easy lawn care tips, you are on your way to achieving the lawn of your dreams.


Simple Lawn Solutions
Simple Lawn Solutions

Hello Tom, thank you for your comment. We do not sell herbicides, we only sell nutrients for lawn and garden.

Tom Loch
Tom Loch

Do you sell pre-emergent herbicide or post-emergent?

Simple Lawn Solutions
Simple Lawn Solutions

Hello Bernie. The best time to aerate is when the soil temperature is warm, & aeration should not occur during cold temperatures (50˚ & below). Cool-season lawns can aerate during the spring or fall. If you have any additional questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out by emailing us at hello@simplelawnsolutions.com

Bernie Aurellado
Bernie Aurellado

Hi there. When in the year do you recommend to aerate my lawn? I live in a cool season climate zone. Thanks again.

Simple Lawn Solutions
Simple Lawn Solutions

Hello Del, thank you for commenting. Many customers do only liquid aeration, or even both manual and liquid. If you have any additional questions please reach out by email hello@simplelawnsolutions.com

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