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I moved into my first single-family home about four years ago. Before that, I had always lived in condos and townhomes in which I didn’t have to maintain a lawn. With a move into an actual house, I was exposed to new requirements and responsibilities such as lawn care and pest control. We decided we would pay for the pest control because it would be safer for professionals to handle chemicals in and around the house. That left lawn maintenance, so I bit the bullet and said I would handle it. That ended up being the best decision of my life! GirlzLawn was born.

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My favorite part of working in lawn care is being able to connect with nature and have an actual impact on helping it thrive.

GirlzLawn was initially created as a way to share my passion for lawn care. Along my journey, I have shared my personal experiences while learning a great deal about the industry and the products. It was such a natural progression to turn GirlzLawn into an official business. The business was officially formed in July of 2021 and the main objective is to highlight women in the green industry with a specific focus on teaching DIY lawn care to other women.

My favorite part of working in lawn care is being able to connect with nature and have an actual impact on helping it thrive. Helping people connect with this rewarding feeling and watching them form a newfound appreciation of nature is the ultimate goal.


My absolute favorite Simple Lawn Solutions product is the Lawn Energizer 6-0-0. I use a granular fertilizer that is slow release and use the Simple Lawn Solutions liquids to compliment the program. The 6-0-0 provides a great concentration of micronutrients as well as an excellent, quick, visual response.
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Lawn care is definitely not all butterflies and rainbows but the challenges shape you into a better caretaker. My biggest lawn challenges were:

I have had two specific challenges that made me want to quit, but I powered through and it felt amazing. The first challenge was/is a struggle with Poa trivialis. The pride of most DIYers is an even, DARK, luscious canopy and with Poa trivialis that goal cannot be achieved. I have thrown everything possible at this problem but have failed to come out on top. At this point, I’m just embracing what is and trying to work with it. It’s a beautiful grass, but that lime green color is the one thing that makes it undesirable.
The other issue taught me a valuable lesson. Things were going along great one season and then out of the blue, all of my grass started to have this grayish-black haze over it. I scoured the web for answers to the problem but there was nothing that I found to help. I decided I would stop throwing product on it and just water, watch, and wait. After about 2 weeks, the lawn started to recover. Being patient with lawn care is not easy, but it was necessary here. Ultimately, I realized my problem was likely too much product being put down and not enough water. During my 2 week wait, I measured my irrigation and found that I was definitely underwatering the lawn. Patience is a necessity.



For those who are new to lawn care, it is very important to understand that you cannot treat something if you don’t understand the problem. Save yourself time and money by acquiring a soil test and formulating your treatment plan based on the soil results. Focus on your lawn's specific needs and stay the course!

— Girlzlawn


Shaun Hauswald
Shaun Hauswald

Great 👍 content creator


Super excited to see a journey because it reminds me of my journey in my lawn. Love to see do it yourself people get involved with companies and companies getting involved with DIY folks. Proud of your progress PJ and happy to see you come so far in this community. Many blessings!

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