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How long do Simple Lawn Solutions products take to work?

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How long does it take for Simple Lawn Solutions products to work?

Simple Lawn Solutions products work quickly. But just how quickly you’ll see results or if the results will even be visible to you can depend on a couple of factors. The current climatic conditions in your area, what grass species your lawn is composed of, and what product you apply, will all play a role in determining the speed and intensity of fertilizer response.

Climate and Actively Growing Turf 

Your climate plays a huge part in determining when your grass is actively growing. One thing you may be familiar with seeing on our products or product listings is to only apply our products to actively growing turf. This means that it is not in your or the environment’s best interest to apply products to dead or dormant turf, as well as bare soil. This can be bad for the environment as there are no actively growing turf roots present to absorb the nutrients you have applied. This will result in no plant response and additionally, it can result in nutrients leaching into our surface waters like lakes and streams. So before you choose to apply fertilizers or other Simple Lawns Solutions products remember that the best results occur when the weather has your lawn in a period of active growth.

Specific Fertilizer

Fertilizer nutrients come in two forms. Nutrients that are immediately available for plant uptake and nutrients that need to undergo processes in the soil in order to become available. These two forms are called quick- and slow-release fertilizers, respectively. Simple Lawn Solutions liquid fertilizers contain quick-release nutrients. Quick-release nutrients are great for instant gratification and results can be seen in as little as 24 hours and can last as long as 30 days depending on soil type and climate factors like rain and temperature. Different from slow-release fertilizers, quick-release fertilizers deliver readily-available nutrients to the soil or plant leaf that can result in a very fast plant response. Quick-release fertilizers work well as a complement to slow-release granular fertility programs or even as an addition to simply mulching your lawn clippings and returning them to your lawn. This works as a slow-release nutrient source as it is being broken down by microbes in the soil. 

While all of the 17 essential plant nutrients are required for your lawn to complete its life cycle, nitrogen is the element that is used in the largest quantity by plants. When applying products with relatively high nitrogen contents like 16-4-8, 15-0-15, and 28-0-0, responses to the application may be noticed through the greening of your turf as chlorophyll production is increased. The growth flush may also manifest as having to mow more frequently or you may notice an increase in clippings when you mow. Products that don’t contain nitrogen or contain nitrogen in lesser amounts may be less obvious that they have been applied but are still of great benefit to your lawn. 0-0-25  High Potassium is not likely to result in flushes of growth or provide many visual changes. However, a lawn deficient in potassium will be less likely to endure extreme temperatures and drought conditions. Lawn Energizer 6-0-0 contains a small amount of nitrogen to encourage growth but also complexed iron, which is responsible for creating a deep, dark green that is most noticeable in lawns deficient in iron. Darker Green’s primary ingredient is complexed iron. If you’re looking to deepen the green of your lawn quickly without encouraging flushes of growth, this is the product for you. MicroBooster contains a mixture of complexed secondary macronutrients and micronutrients which can become unavailable to plants in specific soils. 


Grass Type


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Your grass type will also determine how quickly you see a response from applying Simple Lawn Solutions products. Grasses that grow quickly like bermudagrass, and Kentucky bluegrass will have a much more obvious response to nitrogen-containing fertilizers than their slower-growing counterparts like fine fescues and zoysiagrass. Fertilizing a grass that has a naturally slower growth rate can result in a flush of growth, but it will be much less noticeable and likely more drawn out than grasses with a vigorous growth rate. 

At Simple Lawn Solutions, we have products for every situation you may encounter in your lawn care journey. Contact us today to get started with your customized lawn care plan or take our product recommendation quiz today.

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