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Keep Your Pets Safe When Using Lawn Solutions


A common concern about lawn solutions is if lawn fertilizer is safe for pets. There have been scientific studies that do show certain lawn care solutions can be harmful to our furry friends. Your pets can absorb lawn care chemicals through their paws and can ingest them by licking it off their fur. You want your lawn to look healthy and thick, but you also need lawn solutions that have safe ingredients for your pets.

Bernese mountain dog sitting in grass with tongue hanging outWhether you hire out your lawn care to a service or take on the yard maintenance yourself, you'll want to know which ingredients are in the lawn fertilizer products applied to your grass. You might want to consider asking the professional lawn care service if they would use products you provide to ensure they are safe for your pets. The good news there are liquid fertilizers and other lawn solutions out there that are safe and will make your lawn look green and luscious.

What Ingredients Are in Liquid Fertilizer?

When lawn fertilizer is appropriately applied, it provides nutrients to both the soil and grass. Simple Lawn Solutions liquid fertilizer is a mixture of macronutrients-nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, also known as NPK. When combined, this lawn solution promotes growth and strength. We love liquid fertilizer because it is:

  •         Easy-to-use
  •         Well-mixed nutrients for unified application
  •         Fast with producing results

Our liquid fertilizer can also be used for both starter and in-season applications, making it a simple and convenient option.

While you would not want your pet to ingest a liquid fertilizer with NPK, once the lawn solution is applied to your lawn and has dried, your pet will be safe. For best practices, use the lawn fertilizer and wait two hours before allowing your pet to be on the lawn.

Unsafe Products for Pets

Black and white dog in grass chewing toyNow that you know which lawn fertilizer ingredients are safe around your pets, it’s important to know which ones are not. While products today are much safer and labeling reflects that, some lawn solutions are toxic to pets and have been known to have lasting effects. There are a few chemicals you should never use if you have a cherished animal that frequents your yard.

  • Certain pesticides are extremely toxic to pets and have been found mixed with fertilizer.
  • Herbicides, when wet, can irritate your pet's feet. If ingested, they can cause an upset tummy. If you have to use this product, wait until it dries before your pet is exposed to it.
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When applying lawn solutions, also make sure to remove any chew toys, water bowls, or anything else a pet may put in their mouths. Keep in mind that pets are known to eat things they shouldn't. Any product labeled safe or unsafe for pets would still be harmful if large amounts were ingested.

When considering lawn solutions, we need to take into consideration pet owners vs. non-pet owners. The health and safety of pets are important, so make sure to choose products with safe ingredients and follow these tips for all your lawn care needs.


Simple Lawn Solutions
Simple Lawn Solutions

Hello Ed,
We recommend waiting 4-6 hours and letting the products be absorbed into the lawn before letting pets run across the lawn. Our products do not contain any pesticides. If you have any additional questions, please email us at hello@simplelawnsolutions.com

Ed Medrano
Ed Medrano

I have chickens and they are freeranged is it safe if they eat the grass after using your products

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