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Lawn Care Hack: The Chameleon Sprayer and Simple Lawn Solutions


Most of our fertilizers are bottled for you to easily attach to your hose, and get to spraying. But what if you wanted more control for a better-looking lawn? Maybe you bought one of our gallon products that does not come with a sprayer, or you want access to different types of spray patterns. We have a lawn care hack that pairs our Simple Lawn Solutions potent fertilizers with your need for a quick and easy fertilizer application: the Chameleon adaptable hose-end sprayer.


Easy to Attach Lawn Sprayer

The Chameleon hose-end sprayer comes with its own container, but it also has an adapter built to fit any bottle – like our Simple Lawn Solutions liquid lawn food or booster! Grab a quart of any of our fertilizers and remove the hose-end sprayer. The Chameleon hose-end sprayer is designed to allow for safe attachment without touching any chemicals in your normal fertilizer, or in our case, avoid spilling your liquid fertilizer.


3 Different Settings for Lawn Sprayer

Once you have attached your Chameleon hose-end sprayer to one of our fertilizers and your garden hose, you can adjust the settings to fit your needs. At the mouth of the sprayer, using the smaller nozzle, you can change your hose spray setting to one of the three options. The settings are flat spray, gentle shower spray, and a powerful bullet stream. These settings are each effective for different parts of your lawn care routine, and we’ll help you match the product and task to the appropriate spray setting to maximize your use of the Chameleon hose-end sprayer. Also, make sure you move the dial to three ounces.

Garden hose sprayer with water spraying 

Flat Spray for Efficiency of Lawn Care

With a twist of the nozzle at the end of the Chameleon sprayer, you can adjust your hose setting to the flat spray. This spray setting is powerful enough to cover your lawn without damaging your lawn, making it the perfect choice for applying fertilizer to the entire area. Choose a liquid lawn food, such as the 16-4-8 Lawn Food, and with the flat spray setting, you can efficiently cover 3,200 square feet of lawn. If fertilizing is a daunting task in your lawn care routine, the combination of the Chameleon sprayer with our fertilizer will make it a quick, easy, and efficient task!


Gentle Shower for Your Garden

With another turn of the Chameleon hose sprayer nozzle, you will move to the shower setting. The shower setting is a gentle flow of water, which means it will not be useful for covering a vast lawn. However, the shower setting is great for feeding your garden! When you apply liquid lawn food to your garden, you never want to use a hose setting that is too powerful, or you will damage your flowers, leaves, and vegetables. By using the Chameleon hose sprayer on the gentle shower setting you can feed your garden without any damage. Our garden fertilizer can be used on fruits and vegetables without any worry of contamination, along with more delicate soils used in potting and flower beds.


Bullet Spray Setting on Chameleon Sprayer

The bullet spray setting is a powerful, high-pressure way to use your hose. For that reason, the bullet spray is not recommended to pair with your fertilizer. However, there are a few exceptions that need a more powerful setting. For example, if you have flower boxes in front of your windows, you can use the bullet spray to reach the far away boxes to fertilize or water without the close-range impact damaging them. You can also use the bullet spray setting without a fertilizer attached, using only water to give your yard a quick rinse. You also may want to use the bullet spray with just water to rinse any areas you may have accidentally applied fertilizer: fences, porches, or walkways.


Total Application Control for Lawn Booster

The Chameleon hose-end sprayer allows for maximum control of your fertilizer application. Just above where the sprayer attaches to your Simple Lawn Solutions fertilizer is a large green dial. That dial is used to adjust the concentration of water to fertilizer for the perfect amount of liquid lawn fertilizer. While our fertilizers are perfectly measured with helpful instructions for a great application every time, if you follow up with a Liquid Lawn Booster product, you might want more control. With the Chameleon concentration dial on the hose-end sprayer, you can increase or decrease the concentration of products like Growth Booster, or Lawn Energizer.  Adjusting the concentration also comes in handy with garden fertilizer. The concentration dial has set mix rates anywhere from 1 teaspoon to 8 ounces per gallon.


Control at the Tip of Your Fingers for your Lawn Food

Your lawn might have a few separate areas: a front lawn, a side yard, a back yard, etc. If so, you don’t want to have to walk over to your main hose nozzle, spraying water and fertilizer as you do so, before moving to the next section for fertilizer application. With the Chameleon hose-end sprayer, you can turn your hose on and off with the easy-to-use thumb trigger. Not only does this save you the trip, but it also saves you from wasting water and fertilizer formula if you need to quickly pause your fertilizer application for any reason.  Having an on and off switch also helps you switch between products. If you are following up a Liquid Lawn Food with a Liquid Lawn Booster, you can easily switch products without having to turn off the main hose nozzle!


Tips for Applying Liquid Lawn Fertilizer

Now that you have your Chameleon hose-end sprayer, here are a few tips for an easy fertilizer application every time:

  •       Make sure your Chameleon is firmly attached to your fertilizer, use the adapter that comes with the sprayer for a confident attachment
  •       Have your liquid lawn food and booster close by, for a quick switch to your next step with the on and off trigger
  •       When spraying, walk at a medium pace and spray side to side using the flat setting
  •       For best effect, use the entire liquid lawn fertilizer in one session
  •       When finished, remove the Chameleon sprayer and clean to ensure there will be no product build-up


It’s time to take your lawn care to the next level! Efficiently apply Simple Lawn Solutions liquid lawn fertilizer with the Chameleon hose-end sprayer, and you will soon have a beautiful, lush, green lawn. Start shopping for your fertilizer today.


Simple Lawn Solutions
Simple Lawn Solutions

Hello Lisa, thank you for the comment. The hose sprayer is attached to the hose, so the water will flow freely through the hose and sprayer, while also letting out an amount of product controlled by the dial. You can fill the sprayer up with enough product to cover the lawn, and because it is attached to the hose you won’t need to add water, the water and product will be sprayed out simultaneously.

Please send us an email at if you have any other questions!

Lisa DeMayo
Lisa DeMayo

Hey guys. I bought the Chameleon hose end sprayer. I’ve never used one. Do I just fill it up to 32 oz, add 1 oz of your product, and then spray until the 32 oz container is empty? Does it EMPTY or just keep filling itself up with water?

Lisa DeMayo
Lisa DeMayo

hey guys! i still love your products. I just got a Chameleon hose end sprayer and i was watchin a video on it. What i don’t understand is, do i FILL the reservoir to 32 oz, then add my 1 oz. of your product, and then connect the hose and spray until the 32 oz runs out? Or does water keep filling the reservoir? Sorry i’m so confused but i don’t know what to do?

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