The Benefits of DIY Lawn Care

The Benefits of DIY Lawn Care

Getting older is no easy feat. And the worst part is, it never stops happening. When Simple Lawn Solutions develops an age-reversing formula, we’ll let you know. But until then, we can only tout the benefits of staying on top of our mental and physical game. One of the greatest outlets that many have found for this is lawn care. DIY lawn care is a challenging and fun hobby that provides far-reaching physical, mental, and environmental benefits to those who choose to explore it. 

Physical Benefits

Fitness devices, like watches, have become popular in the past few years. They’ve made people aware of their steps taken, calories burned, etc. If you wear one of these devices, you just may notice a spike on your lawn care days. Applying products like fertilizers and pesticides can be a great way to get your steps in by walking up and down the lawn. Depending on the size of your lawn, you’ll notice that it’s no easy feat lugging a sprayer around, cleaning it, organizing the shelves, and any other tasks associated with your lawn. Couple that with the fact that, once you become a lawn nut, it’s unlikely that you’ll want anyone else mowing or trimming! Lawn care is a great way to stay active and maintain your overall physical health. 

Cognitive Benefits

Lawn care can provide surprising benefits for your cognitive health. First, it requires you to exercise your math skills over and over. Calculating the size of your lawn is only the first step. To maintain a great lawn, you’ll need to determine how much of each product will need to be applied per 1,000 square feet, how to properly mix this amount, the rate of product that’s being applied in correlation with your walking speed, and so on and so forth. It’s endless, and it requires you to take on mental challenges and exercise new pathways in your brain. In addition to math, you’ll need to become a chemistry whiz. Simply grabbing a product that says “weed-killer” off of the shelf at a hardware store and throwing it down can have dire consequences. You’ll need to learn the ins and outs of fertilizers, herbicides, fungicides, and insecticides. If you’re inclined, it’s lots of fun to study the chemistry of how they work! 


Cost Efficient

Commercial lawn care operators are typically great at their jobs, but this expertise comes at an expense. An application that may cost a homeowner $20 to perform could cost upwards of $100 to be completed by a lawn care company. When you perform your own lawn care applications, a single jug of product may last for several applications, which means you may not have to pay each time you want to improve your lawn. And fortunately, you don’t have to worry about service calls if something goes wrong. 

Stress Relief

Therapy comes in many forms. Rob Palmer is an explosives ordnance technician in the US Army. Throughout multiple deployments, he witnessed the horrors of war and he was subsequently struggled with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. When asked about the meaning behind his YouTube page and instagram handle, @turftherapy, Rob Said “Turf saved my life.” While coping with PTSD, Rob developed a passion for lawn care. It was through this hobby that he was able to heal from his trauma, and his goal is to use his social media to help others find peace with their experiences through lawn care. 

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