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The Best Grasses to Grow in Texas

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Texas is a vast state with varying climatic conditions that make it challenging to choose the right grass for your lawn. Whether you’re looking for a grass that can withstand the hot and humid summers or one that can survive the occasional winter frost, there are several types of grasses that are best suited for Texas.

Take a look at the following grasses best suited for growing in Texas.


This is a popular grass in Texas due to its ability to withstand the heat and drought. Bermudagrass grows quickly, is tolerant of heavy foot traffic, and can be mowed relatively low. It almost seems the hotter it gets, the faster this grass grows. It does require supplemental irrigation to look its best, but it’s all but guaranteed to bounce back after any severe drought. If you have shady areas, consider other choices as bermuda requires plenty of sun. 

Close-up image of deep green Bermudagrass



Zoysia is a warm-season grass that is well-suited for Texas lawns. This is a drought-resistant grass and is moderately shade tolerant. Zoysia is pretty cold tolerant for a warm-season grass, so this can be a great choice for lawns in more northern areas of Texas. Avoid heavy nitrogen fertilization of zoysiagrass or it can become prone to heavy thatch build up. It also grows pretty slowly, so it is slow to recover from injury.


Close-up flat lay image of bright green fresh cut Zoysia grass


St. Augustinegrass

This grass is the most shade tolerant warm-season turfgrass. It can tolerate a wide range of soil conditions and has pretty good drought tolerance but really could use consistent watering to do its best. St. Augustinegrass has poor cold tolerance, so this may do better in more southern regions.

Close-up image of the leaf blades of bright green St. Augustinegrass



Buffalograss is native to the United States. It prefers arid conditions and doesn’t do very well in super humid climates. Buffalograss tolerates heat and cold and is drought resistant, as well. It has a light green color that some find off-putting but it is a low maintenance grass that requires little mowing. 

Bright green freshly cut Buffalograss



This grass is the ultimate low maintenance grass that seems as though the more you do to it, the worse it looks. It requires very little fertilizer and is tolerant of heat and humidity. It has very poor cold tolerance but is relatively drought tolerant. This grass requires very little mowing or attention.

Close-up manicured lawn of Centipedegrass


When choosing a grass for your Texas lawn, it’s important to consider the climate and soil type of your area. If you’re unsure which grass is best for your lawn, contact us today for some information regarding your specific situation. With the right grass and proper maintenance, you can enjoy a beautiful and healthy lawn all year round.

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I live in Lewisville TX and have a problem with my front lawn. It gets mostly moderate shade and the soil is very clayish. Lots of bare spots. What would you recommend for grass seed. I’ve even considered going with a grass alternative like clover or a ground cover. Thx in advance

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