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Three Steps to Clean Up Your Lawn for Spring

Stepping up your lawn care in preparation for the spring will ensure that your lawn is not only aesthetically pleasing but healthy and strong, too! In this comprehensive guide, we will focus on all of the grass care needed to get your lawn spring-ready. We will dive into these three easy steps to cleaning up your yard and perfecting your spring lawn care:

  1. Dethatching
  2. Weed removal
  3. Fertilization


By following these spring lawn care maintenance tips, your lawn will be the envy of the neighborhood. Let’s get started with our first grass care tip: dethatching your lawn.

Dethatching Your Lawn

Over time, your lawn accumulates dead grass and other debris. These layers of debris, also called thatch, prevent grass and soil from receiving the necessary sunlight, water, and other elements required to maintain healthy grass. Dethatching is the process of removing this dead grass so that your lawn and soil have maximum exposure to the air and other necessary elements.

Lawn dethatching is done with various tools: leaf rake, power rake, dethatching rake, and more. Whichever tool you use, be sure to rake in only one direction to gather all of the thatch. For the most effective lawn dethatching, aim to rake the entire area at least twice for maximum debris removal. Clearing old, dead grass and other debris from your lawn is just one of many spring lawn care steps that you can follow for a cleaner, healthier yard.

Shadow of a Rake and Broom on Green Grass to be Dethatched 

Removing Weeds for Spring Lawn Care

Weed removal is the one lawn care task that most homeowners despise. These pesky, unwanted plants seem to quickly infiltrate yards and spread rapidly. To efficiently remove weeds, make sure to pull the root up with the plant to deter future growth. Carefully discard the pulled weeds to prevent seeding and spreading during the removal process. With your lawn free of weeds, your other grass care maintenance can be more effective.

Close Up of Dandelion Weeds to be Removed from Green Lawn 

Nourishing Grass with Liquid Fertilizer

Liquid fertilizer is an easy way to nourish your soil, and it is more effective than traditional granular fertilizer. Our liquid lawn food works from the ground up to restore nutrient imbalances and get your lawn looking lush, healthy, and green.

These are just a few reasons why we love opting for a liquid product when applying lawn food: 

  •     Fast results
  •     Easy-to-use
  •     No spreading equipment required
  •     Sprayer allows for a uniform application


One of the greatest benefits of liquid fertilizer is the quick results obtained from a more water-soluble product. You don’t need to wait for rainfall or manually water your lawn for the ingredients to soak in.  By quickly penetrating the ground, you can enhance your grass for spring lawn care. Check out all of our liquid lawn food products to find the right blend for your grass care needs.

Liquid fertilizers are just one of the many high-quality liquid products we carry to make grass care a breeze. Follow our three simple steps to achieve a healthy lawn this spring. If you’re ready for more, step up your spring lawn care and consider liquefying your lawn care routine.  

Man Wearing Liquid Fertilizer Sprayer Backpack

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