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Why Lawn Mushrooms are Growing in Your Yard and How to Treat Them

There’s nothing quite as disappointing as going out to admire your gorgeous lawn just to be met by the sight of mushrooms. The joys of being a homeowner, right? While lawn mushrooms aren’t necessarily harmful to your yard, they can definitely be an eyesore.

We have yet to meet a homeowner that wants their front yard mushroom population to flourish. We will teach you the techniques and yard solutions you will need to banish them. Soon, you can have the most impressive turf on the block.


What Are Lawn Mushrooms?

If you spot mushrooms growing on your lawn, don’t stress. It’s actually an indication that you have healthy soil. However, their aesthetic isn’t exactly adding to the beauty of your home.

Lawn mushrooms are the fruiting body of a fungus that grows underground, hidden from sight. So, when a mushroom appears, it’s a tell-tale sign that large fungi are buried in the soil. The good news is, that once a mushroom is in your yard, it will work to break down organic material into nutrients.

Typically, when you think of a mushroom, your mind wanders to one with an umbrella shape. These mushrooms are sometimes called a toadstool. However, you could encounter many different types of lawn fungi, like a shaggy mane, Japanese parasol, puffball, and stinkhorn.

If you have pets or little ones who might be tempted to pick your lawn mushrooms and make them their afternoon snack, make sure to mow over or pluck them. Furthermore, pick up and discard any leftover pieces during your yard maintenance routine. Wear gloves as any mushroom could be poisonous.


What Causes Lawn Mushrooms?

There could be a few different reasons why your lawn is looking like a giant fungi party. The most significant causes for mushrooms are buried organic matter, high moisture, and low light.

A fungus grows by breaking down organic matter. Organic material in your lawn could be lawn thatch, a stump, buried timber, or a tree that remains underground after the plant has been removed.


Things That Trigger Mushroom Growth

  • Long periods of rain
  • Overwatering your lawn
  • Heavily compacted soil
  • Thick thatch


While it’s not the case for all yard mushrooms, most thrive in shady areas. Areas covered by tree branches or hidden in a dark corner of your yard could be prone to developing mushrooms.

It’s essential to keep in mind that since mushrooms are the above-ground result of beneficial fungal growth, getting rid of them will be a temporary fix. However, quickly removing them may prevent more spores from getting released and spreading additional fungi. Keeping up with your yard maintenance will be the best solution.


Yard Maintenance Tips to Get Rid of Mushrooms

While you might not be able to get rid of all the fungus in your yard overnight, there are things you can do to keep the mushrooms at bay. As long as you pay attention to your lawn and always make sure to repurchase your yard solutions, you should have a beautiful-looking property in no time.


Easiest Ways to Rid Your Yard of Mushrooms

  • Remove mushrooms when you see them.
  • Check for buried debris under the lawn.
  • Use quality yard solutions.


As previously mentioned, it’s relatively easy to pick mushrooms by hand (with gardening gloves, of course) or mow over them with the lawnmower. The quicker you remove it, the fewer that will spread. Plus, your daily mushroom hunt will give you an excuse to get out on the lawn and finally pick those weeds that have been sticking out like a sore thumb or water the flowers you keep forgetting about.

Sometimes, debris can be the cause of fungi and mushrooms, not the lawn itself. To check if that’s the case in your yard, use a pocket knife or small shovel to dig under a clump of mushrooms. If you notice plant debris, dig it out and replace the turf for a mushroom-free yard.

The most important thing you can do to keep mushrooms off your lawn is to keep up with yard maintenance. Try to get out there every morning and irrigate the lawn before ten A.M. but avoid excessive irrigation. You should also have a quality collection of yard solutions.

To meet all your yard maintenance needs in one click, check out our lawn essentials bundle box. It has all the yard solutions you will need, including lawn food, lawn boosters, root Hume, soil Hume, and ready-to-use sprayer nozzles. Pesky mushrooms will stand no chance against your strong yard solutions and diligent maintenance routine.

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