Liquid Soil Loosener - 32 ounce Great for Compact Soils, Standing Water, Poor Drainage.


The foundation to a great lawn starts with healthy soil! 

Liquid Soil Loosener is a conditioning soil treatment that helps the vertical movement of moisture. Liquid Soil Loosener is great alongside physical or core aeration.  

Who Should Use This Product? Liquid Soil Loosener is best to be used...

  • To Promote the Drainage of Standing Water
  • To Condition Compacted Soil
  • To Improve Penetration of Liquid and Water

Whether you are looking to maintain your current lawn, correct nutrient deficiencies, or you are starting your lawn completely from scratch, our customer care team and products have you covered! Contact our team for a custom lawn plan tailored to your lawn’s needs!


  • Concentrated Soil Conditioner:  Soften Your Soil with this Advanced Lawn Solution, Easy To Use Treatment.
  • Promotes Drainage: Helps the downward movement of water allowing more water and liquids to get to the roots.
  • Covers up to 32,000 Square Feet
  • Great for All Grass Types
  • Unique & Proprietary Formula 
  • Proudly Made in the USA

Water is essential for maintaining your lawn, and your lawn should receive 1-2 inches of water per week. For best results, water the lawn for 20 minutes within 24 hours of application. Soil Loosener needs to be watered in, water will help the product move about the soil, as well as enhance the benefits of Liquid Soil Loosener.

Soil Loosener should be applied at least 4 weeks before seeding, as this product can affect the germination rate of seeds, and is not recommended to apply this product when seeds are in the ground. Apply Liquid Soil Loosener at least 2 weeks before applying lawn foods/boosters.

It is recommended to water this product in for a minimum of 20 mins after application. This product should be applied using a third-party sprayer such as a hose-end sprayer, backpack sprayer, spray tank or pump-up sprayer.