Easy to Use Lawn Care

At Simple Lawn Solutions, our goal is to create products that are not only effective, but that are also easy to use. You won’t have to worry about mixing, measuring, or purchasing professional equipment when you shop with Simple Lawn Solutions. We give you everything you need to be successful. Our fertilizer is easy to use. Hook up to your hose and fertilize your way to a healthier lawn.


Fertilizer Perfect for All Experience Levels

Simple Lawn Solutions provides products that are easy to use regardless of first-time users or experienced professionals. We also sell our formulas in a variety of sizes and styles to accommodate every one of your yard care needs.


How to Use our Lawn Fertilizer Formulas

Our formulas work best if applied using our signature hose-end sprayer, which comes standard with our 32-ounce bottles. Connect a standard hose to the top of the bottle, turn the nozzle, and distribute the product easily throughout your yard or garden. For larger size products, purchase an empty hose-end sprayer on our Amazon page. Each sprayer bottle will cover approximately 3,200 sq. ft., so our 1- and 2.5-gallon bottles allow you to refill for larger spaces.


Getting Started with Lawn Care

When it comes to creating a beautiful yard, it’s important to remember that there is no magic pill. Your lawn needs proper nutrients, proper watering, protection from pests, favorable weather, and adequate sunlight to stay thick, vibrant, and healthy. When applying products from Simple Lawn Solutions, we recommend wearing comfortable clothes that you would normally wear while working outdoors. Many of our products are dark in color and may cause stains to your clothing or shoes.

Applying Fertilizer

Different grass types have slightly different favorable conditions that work in conjunction to yield a healthy, green lawn. To find out what fertilizer will work best for your lawn, the first step is to obtain a soil test from a laboratory or local garden center. The soil test will help you determine if your lawn is nutrient deficient, and which formula will help it bounce back.

Fertilizer works best when you apply it in the evening, or when the sun is almost down. Applying during the evening allows for better absorption into the soil because it avoids higher temperatures and direct sunlight that cause evaporation.


Safety First

Our products take approximately six to eight hours to fully absorb into the soil. In order to prevent product tracking on your feet, shoes, or your pet’s paws, we recommend avoiding the treatment area until the lawn has the chance to absorb the product. To speed up the process, we recommend watering your lawn to help your grass absorb the solution.

We’re Here for You

At Simple Lawn Solutions, our goal is to provide the first-class service you can trust. If you have any questions about using our products, please email us at hello@simplelawnsolutions.com!