Lawn Photo Contest Rules & Terms


Simple Lawn Solutions is holding a Best Lawn Contest for the month of September. The contest will be posted and conducted on Instagram. We will collect submissions through an external link, select 7 finalists, and the final voting will be done by friends and followers on Instagram. This contest is open to anyone who has a lawn, and you do not have to be a Simple Lawn Solutions customer, we only ask that you follow our Instagram page so you can be updated on the progress of this contest.

How the Contest will Work

Starting Monday Sept 14, submit your lawn photo to us along with our questionnaire at this link.  There are questions that we will ask you that we would like to be able to post in the caption for your entry. The lawn picture submission period will last from (the start date of Monday Sept 14 -through End Date of Sept 21st). After the end date of Sept 21st, the contest will officially be closed to any new entries. 

From Sept 21st through Sept 28th, our team members will deliberate internally, choosing the top 7 lawns. Once these lawns are chosen, we will announce the finalists by direct message on Instagram. We will inform you of the day your lawn will be posted. We recommend notifying friends and family to vote for your lawn.

Starting September 28th, we will post one lawn per day at exactly 11 am EST. That lawn photo will have a full 24 hours to get as many likes as possible. At 11 am EST the next day, we will take a screenshot of the Instagram post for a final tally of likes and close the voting for that lawn. The 24 hour voting is in place because it allows for fairness, each lawn gets the same amount of time to collect votes.

The voting for the best lawn will be done by our followers, your friends, family, and any other Instagram users that want to participate. We will tally votes as likes, and 1 Like=1 Point/Vote. Comments will not be counted, but we do encourage positive comments as it can help boost the post's visibility. We ask that you submit your Instagram username because we would like to tag each entry.


There will be a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd prize available. If for some reason, there are any ties, we will honor those ties as it may not be possible to choose a winner in a fair way. If a tie occurs due to voting AFTER the time that the contest closes they will not be counted. These are the prizes:

  1. 1st Prize: YETI Cooler (Tundra 35 Hard Cooler), Simple Lawn Solutions T-Shirt, Simple Lawn Solutions YETI Cup, $75 Simple Lawn Solutions Gift Card
  2. 2nd Prize: Simple Lawn Solutions T-Shirt, Simple Lawn Solutions YETI Cup, $50 Simple Lawn Solutions Gift Card
  3. 3rd Prize: Simple Lawn Solutions T-Shirt, Simple Lawn Solutions YETI Cup, $25 Simple Lawn Solutions Gift Card

If you are announced as the winner we will reach out to you via Instagram messenger or email to formally let you know. We will ask for your shipping address so that we can mail your prizes.

Please allow 30 days to receive all prizes, as there may be shipping delays out of our control.

Other Rules/Requests

Please keep in mind, we will only be accepting 1 lawn photo per person, and you may only enter the contest with one photo entry. The photo can be a photo that was previously taken of your lawn, as we understand the heat of the summer is extra tough on some lawns. The photo of the lawn you submit must be your own lawn, posting another person’s lawn as your own is prohibited. Please submit a photo of just your lawn/property, without any people, or pets, as we do not want to draw attention away from the lawn. The qualities we will be looking for in a lawn will be color, upkeep, health, and any other qualities that constitute favorable aesthetics for a lawn. You can submit an aerial photo, or any angle in which you believe flatters your lawn. You do not have to have your home in the photo, but typically we do see a greater aesthetic when the lawn is paired with a home because it tells a story about the person who lives there.

We understand that there will most likely be a lot of fantastic lawn entries, and we will do our best to pick the most deserving lawn based on the content in the photograph. There may be a situation where a difficult decision has to be made on what constitutes the best lawn, and because this contest is entirely subjective we ask that the community please respect each other and this contest. We ask that the community engages in a positive, uplifting, and fair manner. We would love to hold additional contests like this in the future, and we welcome any suggestions or feedback. We ask our affiliates to not participate in the contest in order to cultivate an equal opportunity for all of the lawn care community.

We also request that by participating in our contest that we are granted permission to post your lawn publicly on social media whether it be for this contest, or for general social media posting. We enjoy showcasing the lawn community, and you will always be credited by your Instagram username in the post.


This contest is not affiliated, endorsed or sponsored by instagram. United States residents only. No purchase necessary to enter.