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All-Purpose NPK Plant Food for Houseplants (32 Ounce)

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4-6-8 All Purpose Plant Food contains the essential macronutrients to help keep your plants looking and feeling their best! This plant food is designed to enhance your plant's green & growth while providing just enough energy for root support, vigor, and strength. If you want balanced plant food to maintain your plants, this all-purpose food is perfect for you! 

Who Should Use This Product? 4-6-8 All-Purpose Plant Food is best to be used...

  • To maintain and feed your plants
  • If you want to enhance the green of your plants
  • If you are trying to boost vertical and lateral growth
  • If your soil is deficient in Nitrogen, Phosphorus, or Potassium

4-6-8 All-Purpose Plant Food is made from high-quality feed-grade ingredients. Our decades of research have resulted in formulas that are expertly manufactured with our proprietary manufacturing method, unlike any other product on the market. 

  • Nitrogen Encourages Greening & Vertical/Lateral Growth.
  • Phosphorus Provides Nutrients for Resilient Plant & Root Development.
  • Potassium For Plant Hardiness & to Support Essential Plant Functions.
  • Corrects Nitrogen, Phosphorus, & Potassium Deficiencies.

Nitrogen 4% Nitrogen is the mineral element used in the greatest quantity by plants. Nitrogen is a component of many of the biochemical constituents of plants, including chlorophyll, amino acids, proteins, and enzymes. 

Phosphorus 6% The proper level of phosphorus in your grass is essential for root and early plant development. Its primary role is in the storage and transfer of energy. Without sufficient P, normal growth and development cannot occur. Phosphorus effects on plants are usually more subtle and, while not as readily visible, are still very important.

Potassium 8% Potassium is involved in carbohydrate formation, photosynthesis, enzyme activation, and the formation of proteins. Potassium plays a role in photosynthesis, and carbohydrate production is reduced when K is deficient.  A plant deficient in Potassium can be more susceptible to stress from drought and temperature. 

Humic Acid helps to promote the release of locked-up nutrients in the soil to increase the transfer of fertilizer. 

Seaweed as added organic matter to the soil.

  • Great for Most Plant Types.
  • Can be used for Houseplants, gardens, and Lawns.
  • Unique, Proprietary Formula.
  • High-Quality Feed Grade Ingredients.
  • Proudly Made in the USA.

For best results, follow directions on the label, and apply All-Purpose Plant Food with water. Fertilizer will not treat a plant or garden that is suffering from disease, pests, weed infestations, or drought, and these conditions should be treated separately.

All-Purpose NPK Plant Food for Houseplants (32 Ounce) Benefits of 4-6-8 Plant Food, Nitrogen encourages greening and growth, Phosphorus is essential for root development, Potassium for turf hardiness, Humic Acid promotes micronutrient uptake, blended with seaweed and Humic acid. All-Purpose Plant Food for houseplants and garden Pothos plant with All-Purpose Plant Food NPK (32 ounces) Pothos plant with All-Purpose Plant Food NPK (32 ounces) Assortment of houseplants with All-Purpose Plant Food NPK (32 ounces) Assortment of houseplants and a woman holding with All-Purpose Plant Food NPK (32 ounces) Pothos plant with All-Purpose Plant Food NPK (32 ounces) Woman applying All-Purpose Plant Food (32 Ounces) from a copper watering can to a snake plant All-Purpose Plant Food by Simple Grow Solutions

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