Lawn Booster: Lawn Energizer Chelated Iron & Nitrogen Blend (1 Gallon)

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Energize and enhance the lawn's optimum color!

Lawn Energizer is a high-quality Iron and micronutrient lawn booster intensified with Nitrogen. This enhanced booster is specifically designed to energize your turf and soil to their optimum nutrient levels for maximum vigor, growth, and color. Lawn Energizer provides essential nutrients needed to darken the green of your lawn.

Our decades of research have resulted in formulas that are expertly manufactured with our proprietary manufacturing method, unlike any other product on the market. 

Who Should Use This Product? Lawn Energizer is best to be used...

  • To enhance your soil’s mineral content
  • If you want to darken the green of your lawn
  • If you are trying to boost vertical and lateral growth
  • If your lawn is deficient in Nitrogen or Iron

Whether you are looking to maintain your current lawn, correcting nutrient deficiencies, or you are starting your lawn completely from scratch, our customer care team and products have you covered! Contact our team for a custom lawn plan tailored to your lawn’s needs!

Nitrogen 6% is a major component of chlorophyll where plants get their green coloring. Nitrogen encourages vigorous growth for the development of a dense attractive lawn.

Iron 5% helps the plant move oxygen throughout the roots and other parts of the plant. Iron is essential to the plant’s production of chlorophyll. 

Sulfur 2.75% promotes the formation of important enzymes and assists in the production of essential plant proteins while acting as a soil conditioner, adjusting the pH of the soil.

Magnesium 0.25% is a central atom in the chlorophyll molecule aids in the activation of plant enzymes needed for growth and contributes to protein synthesis.

Manganese 2.20% is an essential micronutrient that aids in the process of respiration and absorbing Nitrogen.

  • Encourages Greening & Vertical/Lateral Growth for a Thicker, Greener Lawn.
  • Provides Vital Micronutrients for Energy to Carry Out Essential Functions.
  • Enhances Existing Minerals in the Soil.
  • Corrects Nitrogen Deficiencies.

  • Covers 12,800 Square Feet
  • Great for All Grass Types
  • Unique, Proprietary Formula 
  • High-Quality Feed Grade Ingredients
  • Proudly Made in the USA

For best results, water the lawn for 20 minutes within 24 hours of application. Water is essential for maintaining your lawn, and your lawn should receive 1-2 inches of water per week. Fertilizer will not treat a lawn that is suffering from disease, pests, weed infestations, or drought, and these conditions should be treated separately.