Sunny Bermuda

Sunny Bermuda

I'm just your average lawn enthusiast that loves to work in the lawn and garden. I have a wonderful wife and 4 amazing kids. They all enjoy getting outside and working in the lawn and garden, too. 

My first adventure into lawn care was over 30 years ago at the young age of 14. My older brother started a lawn service and I helped him every weekend. I basically ran a Stihl trimmer while he rode the mower. Ha! When I graduated high school, my brother had quit his lawn service so I started my own. I worked it for 5 years and paid my way through college. The freedom it brought was exhilarating! I worked one day a week and had enough for college tuition and all my expenses. Yes, tuition was much cheaper in the early 90s. 

After college graduation I traded in my lawn service for a desk job. Flash forward a couple decades, marriage, kids, and life has finally slowed down enough to enjoy my passion. A couple of years ago I purchased my first reel mower and have thoroughly enjoyed the adventure. 

close-up shot of Bermuda grass

Favorite Products from Simple Lawn Solutions

With Humic Acid and Seaweed you get two great amendments in a single bottle. Humic helps the grass to have better access to nutrients, water, and oxygen in the soil. Improvement to the soil helps build bigger and stronger roots, something we all know Bermuda loves! 
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This product came out in 2021 and I was one of the first to give it a shot. The 6% Iron helps the Bermuda production of chlorophyll, the green pigment found in plants. Along with a dose of Nitrogen, Manganese and other micronutrients, this product will helps in creating a thick, dense, and green lawn. 

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Root Hume contains Humic acid which also focuses on the soil by targeting the roots and improving micro nutrient uptake. 


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 A few years ago, shortly after building my latest house, I decided I wanted a weed free, beautiful lawn. I got on YouTube and started watching lawn videos. I kid you not, I probably watched every video in existence regarding Bermuda lawns. 

With the encouragement of my wife and kids, I started my own branding. That’s when Sunny Bermuda was born. I moved forward with creating web sites, video content, social media profiles, etc. 

I’ve made some great friends since starting that include fans, other YouTubers, and companies alike. 


My favorite thing about lawn care is the opportunity to get outside and enjoy nature. It’s an opportunity to get the family out to help, have a picnic in the yard, or simply play a yard game. I find lawn care to be very relaxing and recharging. 



I had a difficult time in the lawn when I first started to renovate my current lawn. My landscaper did a minimal job of site preparation. He basically leveled my red clay the best he could with a mini skid steer and then unrolled the sod leaving the plastic mesh netting on the back. Yes, they are supposed to remove the plastic netting! After a couple of years I had a bare spots all over the yard from a lack of proper soil treatments and a swing set. I fixed the bare spots by verti-mulching the bare spots and amending the soil with monthly doses of Soil Hume and Root Hume.

Lawn care has so many benefits.


First, a well maintained lawn can increase property value. Nobody wants a house with a dead lawn or a salad bar of weeds. Second, there are several environmental benefits including erosion control, oxygen production, and improved water quality. 

This is where I believe DIY lawn care can make a big statement. By getting in the yard and doing your own lawn you can cut costs and operate on your own timing. With the Internet you know have access to pro products, and can even customize a plan to suit your grass type and schedule. With companies like Simple Lawn Solutions the task of acquiring quality products is a breeze. Let’s don’t forget the health benefits! When I am working in the yard it is very easy for me to get 10,000 to 20,000 steps, as well as increased cardio activity. 

The biggest game-changer I can recommend is: CONSISTENCY. There is no one product that is considered a fix-all, but if you are consistent in the application of products, mowing, pre-emergents, etc. then your effort will pay dividends. Like I mentioned on my back yard renovation, I was consistent in applying Root Hume and Soil Hume monthly to treat that red clay and the Bermuda took off!

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