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Why Does My Lawn Need Nitrogen?


On the front of every fertilizer bottle, you may notice three numbers listed, with dashes between, like this: 16-4-8. The first number listed represents the concentration of nitrogen, one of the most beneficial nutrients in your lawn care routine!


Nitrogen for your Lawn

Nitrogen is a vital element used in the greatest quantity by turf. Nitrogen contributes to the overall wellness of your grass, which can improve overall nutrient absorption. If your grass is not healthy enough, its roots won't absorb nutrients as efficiently. That means with an absence of nitrogen in your liquid lawn care, the rest of your routine will not be as effective!


Benefits of Nitrogen for your Lawn

Nitrogen is a component of many of the biochemical constituents of plants, including chlorophyll, amino acids, proteins, and enzymes. Above ground, you will see changes in your lawn, especially if nitrogen becomes an integral part of your lawn care and your lawn has a deficiency. Your lawn will look greener, and even if you think your lawn is already green, the color will intensify. Nitrogen helps your plants produce more chlorophyll, which creates that green glow! 


Lawn Nitrogen Deficiency

If you’re not sure if your lawn is lacking nitrogen, here are some signs to look for:

  •       Slowed growth
  •       Yellowing patches
  •       Thinning patches
  •       Weed growth [especially clover (white or hop), oxalis, and trefoil]
  •       Pale coloring
  •       Fewer clippings when you mow

These symptoms are pointing you in one direction – you need a high nitrogen fertilizer for your lawn!

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Nitrogen in Fertilizer

Choosing the right concentration of nitrogen in your fertilizer depends on your lawn’s weaknesses and your overall lawn care goals. If you’re focusing on growth and green and you’re fertilizing far from the dormant season, then use our 28-0-0 Liquid Lawn Food. Our 16-4-8 Liquid Lawn Food brings the green and growth, while providing nutrients that enhance root development, and help your lawn withstand harsh weather. Strength might be the main goal in your lawn care, so your lawn can withstand more foot traffic and environmental factors. Our 15-0-15 Phosphorous-free Liquid Lawn Food puts the focus on creating a stronger turf above ground.


Energize Your Lawn with Nitrogen

Your lawn has been fertilized, but you want to take your lawn care to the next level! If you see signs of nitrogen deficiency, follow up with a high nitrogen fertilizer with Liquid Lawn Energizer, intensified with nitrogen. Nitrogen plays a major role in delivering energy to your lawn, as it works quickly to bring the nutrients in your soil to optimum levels and helps the soil freely move those nutrients to plant roots.


The importance of nitrogen in your lawn care regimen should not be overlooked. With a little help from Simple Lawn Solutions, we can help you be more confident in choosing the right fertilizer with the best nutrients!


Simple Lawn Solutions
Simple Lawn Solutions

Hello Andrew, we recommend applying the iron now, and applying a lower concentration of nitrogen, preferably along with potassium, as soon as possible. Our 15-15-15 would be perfect for this. It will be best to check if your sulfur and pH levels are in balance as these could be other causes of yellowing that won’t be addressed by a nitrogen application. If there’s anything else you need help with, feel free to email us at

Andrew Sabonis
Andrew Sabonis

I live on southern NC coast so Zone 8B. So Bermuda grass starts going dormant in 3 months around Thanksgiving.

So I was going to spray 28-0-0 now and in 2 weeks with Chelated Iron.

Your professional comments as I cut it now at 2" and still see yellow and pale green. Then I will let it go to 2.5" come mid September?

Freddie Rott
Freddie Rott

Thank you so much you have been very helpful, I needed some nitrogen and it helped so much now I have to get rid of my grubs any suggestions?

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